Edwin HeeferI really appreciate the fact that you care enough about me to click on this link.
The least I can do is tell you a bit about me

Born in 1970, in a town called Eindhoven, where I still live today.
And that’s all ……


Education and work
I got an education at “grafische school Eindhoven” (later became “Grafisch Lyceum Eindhoven” then changed to “De Eindhovense school” and now is known as “SintLucas”).
Learned all kinds of stuff you do to publish things on paper.

For 16 years I worked in a small printing company (3 people, that’s including the boss), where I did ALL the pre-press. (mainly graphics design/dtp, film work, and making offset plates). Really all you do before you actually print.
That company is no more and I am currently looking for a new job.
I am currently doing volunteer work, and help elderly people to (better) use their computer.


October 2011 I got diagnosed with diabetes. As of day one there was a discussion what type of diabetes I had.
DNA testing did prove that I have MODY. A very rare form of diabetes.
Many diabetics celebrate their Diaversery. I have set mine to 9 November, as this is the day that I took my first shot of insulin at my local hospital. Once I got changed from type 1 to Mody I quit taking insulin. It usually takes up to 9 years for people to get the correct diagnosis, for me it was yust 9 mounts.
I am now on oral medication.
Part of this site I use to collect information about Mody as very few people (even those who tread me) know about this form.
Unfortnalaly I suffer from complications to my feed and eyes.


I am a big fan of PSV my local football team (soccer).
Never played the game me self. My sport of choice was volleyball, which I of course played at PSV (these day’s known as vce/psv) until a knee and ankle injury force me to stop.

Playing video games has been a serious hobby for the last 30 years.
First person shooters are my thing. Been in two Counter strike clans (ClaZona and ACE). Although I have no talent for fps games. What I am happy about is that e-sports is more and more seen as a “real” sport. Streaming sites like Twitch are great to follow. A good cs match is always fun to watch!

The last two years I have been taking snapshots. I really like taking pictures, even when my eye sicht is not what it used to be. Here is a link to my Flickr page where you can find some of my stuff.

Reading has always been a big hobby for me. But again, my eyes are a more and more a problem. I am so glad that we have audio books these day’s.

On this website you will also see that I am very interested in technology, security and privacy. I post YouTube clips about this all the time. Like to read about this to. If you have any tips about books, movies or podcast, please let me know.

Mental Health, Philosophy, Spirituality and self-improvement is my newest interest. Don’t know much about this (yet). But who knows what this leads to. Learning new stuff is always fun!